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Financial Services Spring update

Join members of Collyer Bristow’s Financial services team as they discuss the latest issues facing the industry as we begin to emerge from the lockdown and come to terms with the impacts of the pandemic and Brexit. Nigel Brahams, Partner, …

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Government asks landlords and tenants for views on commercial rents and Covid pandemic

The government moratorium on landlords, that prevents the forfeiture of a lease for non-payment of rent and on the statutory use of winding up orders, will come to an end on 30 June. Whilst the government has extended these restrictions …

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Right to disconnect – will this become a new legal right?

A recent poll by Opinium showed that about 35% of remote workers said their work-related mental health had worsened during the pandemic. 30% of those surveyed said they were working more unpaid hours than before, with 18% reporting at least …

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Is your personal data safe on Zoom?

Over the course of the Pandemic, Zoom, together with other video conferencing applications, has become an indispensable business tool….

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Alfresco dining opens up – but what do you need to know?

THE PROBLEM The UK’s bars, pubs and restaurants will once again reopen to customers from 12 April. However, tough restrictions will mean that diners will only be allowed to eat and drink outside. The government is looking to make it …

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Firmware cyber-attacks: the next big thing?

An interesting article in the BBC news highlights a lesser-known, but potentially devastating cyber-threat for medium to larger…

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Credit Suisse overhauls management as it takes $4.7 billion hit on Archegos

“The removal of Credit Suisse’s top risk and compliance officer as a result of losses incurred by trades with Archegos Capital Management raises serious questions as to whether banks have sufficiently learnt lessons from the financial crisis and whether regulatory …

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Laurence Fox sued for defamation over ‘paedophile’ tweets

“In order to sue for libel you need to show evidence of serious harm to your reputation. This may not be possible if the allegation is not taken seriously by members of the public or is considered to be trivial. …

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When the subsidies move out, private equity moves in

Governments are running out of money. There is no magic money tree, and it is obvious that soon the support that has been provided to prop up struggling businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic will start to taper away. Businesses that …

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Ministry of Justice releases its Quarterly Family Court Statistics

“As predicted, Lockdown has led to an increase (5%) in the number of divorce cases started in the last quarter of 2020. This is not, though,  quite the catastrophic rise predicted by some, with many couples probably holding off from …

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