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Job candidates and employees who feel that their employer or potential employer has treated them unlawfully have the right to make a claim to an Employment Tribunal. The Tribunal can make decisions on a wide range of employment issues, including redundancy, unfair dismissal and discrimination.

What are employment tribunals?

Employment Tribunals are specialist forums designed to hear claims relating to many types of employment disputes. Whether an employee can make a claim depends on what the issue is about and whether they meet certain conditions such as time limits.

Going to a tribunal should be the final step in the dispute resolution process after all other methods have broken down. Once the employee has exhausted the company’s internal processes, they are encouraged to attempt reconciliation through the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) before going the legal route. Making a claim to an Employment Tribunal is the last resort.

How can we help you defend a claim at an employment tribunal?

It is easy to panic in the face of litigation but our specialist employment disputes team have defended many claims at early conciliation and at the Employment Tribunal. We can help:

  • Weigh up the strength of the case
  • Negotiate settlement agreements and severance packages, where this is in the company’s best interests
  • Strike out weak and frivolous claims
  • Prepare a winning defence
  • Collate evidence on mitigation, to minimise the value of any compensatory award made against you
  • Appeal Tribunal decisions on points of law


Our specialist Employment team has successfully defended many claims so you can trust that we have the expertise needed to protect your best interests. Our approach is commercial and pragmatic – if you want to draw a line under the dispute by offering a settlement agreement, we will negotiate the best possible deal for you. If you want to defeat the claim, we will assist you in formulating a solid defence whilst clearly advising you on the potential risks.

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