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Webinar: ESG and the private investor

To what extent are ESG credentials considered when making private investment decisions?

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Event information

14 October // 10am-11am

Zoom Webinar


In this virtual debate we will be discussing the extent to which the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials of a company or investment are considered when making private investment decisions.

Chaired by Collyer Bristow’s Janine Alexander and Ragavan Arunachalam, our panel includes experts from Perscitus, Tamweel Capital and Fidelity. They will discuss:

• How the ESG credentials of an investment opportunity are currently assessed
• To what extent is ESG now a financial as well as a ‘moral’ consideration
• How ESG credentials are demonstrated and challenged
• The effect of ‘greenwashing’ – what happens when an investment makes a loss or reduced profit because ESG credentials are misleading or false
• The potential for claims if ESG credentials are misleading or false

The discussion will include poll questions for the audience and be followed by a Q & A session.


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