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Webinar – M&A : Cybersecurity and data privacy risks

Please join with us and CRMG for a webinar on ‘M&A – Cybersecurity and data privacy risks’

Event information

4 June - 2.00 - 3.30PM

Zoom link to be provided upon registration


A data breach is a critical threat to any successful merger or acquisition in today’s business environment, making cyber risk and data protection important elements of M&A due diligence activity.

Join Howard Ricklow, a Partner in Collyer Bristow’s Corporate and Data Privacy Teams and Simon Rycroft, Co-Founder and Director, CRMG to discuss the legal, cyber risk and data privacy aspects of a merger scenario, including considerations leading up to and following the merger – along with how to respond if a breach occurs.

The case-study for the webinar will be based around the following fictitious organisations:

“The ‘andyman Team” – a very successful nationwide handyman company who undertake domestic plumbing, electricals, decorating etc. set up originally as a one-man business by Andy Mann is being acquired by Harry’s Hardware a nationwide retail hardware chain set up by Harry Harding which sees the acquisition as a natural synergy.

Both businesses have grown exponentially but with the founders of each business being very much in control; both being no-nonsense types and not wishing to spend their money on things they don’t think are necessary to run their respective successful businesses.”