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Mixed US/UK Marriages

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UK USA: Crossing the Pond

In this latest podcast series from Collyer Bristow, Senior Associate Aidan Grant, from our Tax and Estate Planning team, welcomes a variety of guest speakers to discuss UK tax matters and more, all with a US flavour. In this first …

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Making a success of UK-US cross-border estate planning

It is said that the US and UK are two countries divided by a common language. When it comes to tax and succession law this often bears out; the fact that both countries use similar terminology (like ‘domicile’, ‘trust’ or …

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How the US and UK tax systems work together

Unlike most other jurisdictions worldwide, the US levies tax on its citizens irrespective of whether they live in the US. This means that a UK resident US citizen is often exposed to both US and UK tax simultaneously. The extent …

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