Safeguarding your reputation and privacy online.

Your reputation, privacy and personal information are of paramount importance. The abundance of material published on the internet and the speed with which this material, true or false, can be spread globally can cause serious damage to the reputation of you and your family and put at risk your privacy and security. In this technologically driven world, it is essential to identify the full trail of your digital footprint in order to establish your vulnerabilities and mitigate reputational issues that could have long lasting effects.

Powered by Digitalis Reputation, leaders in the nascent field of online reputation and digital intelligence, we provide high-profile business executives, wealthy individuals and their families with the ability to audit and rectify their online vulnerabilities. Bespoke in nature, this exhaustive analysis of content online will review the full array of social media platforms and content across the web, extending to information behind pay walls and in public record registries. The audit can also encompass information relating to family members in order to safeguard those closest to you and to protect the reputation of future generations.

If undesirable material is identified in the audit process, Collyer Bristow’s experience as a leading law firm in the area of defamation and reputation management means that we are best placed to be your advocate: acting with the discretion and legal rigour that your situation demands to resolve issues promptly and effectively.

For whom might this service be particularly relevant?

  • Individuals with a newly public profile
  • Individuals entering high profile careers / roles
  • Prominent individuals relying upon their reputation for work
  • Prominent and high net worth individuals with children on social media

Upon completion of our audit and remedial work, we also offer an ongoing monitoring service and education sessions on how to maintain your privacy online.

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Learn more about CB Profile, our service to help individuals and families audit and rectify their online vulnerabilities.

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