Financial Services Winter Update webinar

The challenges of frozen or terminated bank accounts, loan guarantees and breaches of financial covenants


Members of our Banking & financial disputes team discuss the latest issues in the industry, as the short and long-term impacts of the pandemic become more apparent.

Jean-Martin Louw discusses the challenges that financial institutions face when trying to balance their compliance responsibilities with customer care obligations and what businesses can do if a bank has frozen their account or threatens to discontinue their banking services.

Janine Alexander examines the law surrounding guarantees and the circumstances in which they can be subject to challenge when the underlying relationship between lender and borrower has broken down.

Robin Henry discusses how borrowers can anticipate potential breaches of loan covenants which could lead to events of default and what rights and duties lenders and borrowers have in situations where a borrower is facing potential breaches under its loan documentation.



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Robin Henry

Partner - Head of Dispute Resolution Services