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The Solicitors Regulation Authority requires solicitors to provide detailed information as to the costs of certain services via our website.

The information we provide is either the average cost of the work or a range of costs, usually based on hourly rates, and any likely third-party payments (known as “disbursements”), for example to the Home Office which we re-charge to you.

We also provide information about the solicitors and other professionals who will be involved, their qualifications and experience.

The costs information provided is based on our experience of typical transactions or cases. The actual charges may vary, for example, if your case is more or less complex than the norm. We will give you a cost estimate at the outset, taking into account the actual circumstances of your case. We will also update the estimate if complications arise.

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Please note that our charges are subject to VAT, currently at 20%.






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Please note that Collyer Bristow provides this service during office hours for general information and enquiries only and that no legal or other professional advice will be provided over the WhatsApp platform. Please also note that if you choose to use this platform your personal data is likely to be processed outside the UK and EEA, including in the US. Appropriate legal or other professional opinion should be taken before taking or omitting to take any action in respect of any specific problem. Collyer Bristow LLP accepts no liability for any loss or damage which may arise from reliance on information provided. All information will be deleted immediately upon completion of a conversation.

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