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Relationship breakdown and family problems are never simple, bringing both a financial and emotional cost. It can be an extremely distressing time when you are going through the process of getting a divorce or establishing a separation agreement and you will need experienced, empathetic and trusted advisers to provide you with clear and practical guidance.

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Our London-based team of Family solicitors invest time in gaining a full understanding of the intricacies of your situation and can then guide you skillfully and sensitively through complex national and international financial claims and matters involving children. With our complete knowledge of the different elements of the UK divorce process, we can provide you with tailored, pragmatic solutions in a clear and understandable way.

Our four partners have substantial experience in family law and our team is completely committed to protecting your interests and achieving the best possible outcome for you and your family.

For appropriate cases we have a strong mediation practice which helps separating and divorcing parents decide on the full range of issues and practical matters with the assistance of one of our lawyers acting as an impartial mediator. We have an excellent track record of bringing about successful mediations through the adoption of a calm and logical approach.

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We understand the emotional pressures of divorce and are here to guide you through the process and to consider all of the associated issues with you. We are experienced in dealing with and resolving defended divorces, and our cases often include an international element. With London as the so-called “Divorce Capital of the World”, we are very used to advising on and litigating jurisdictional issues.

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Make an enquiry National and international financial claims

Inevitably, a key consideration for a couple facing divorce or separation will be how best to resolve their finances. We are experts in this field. Many, but not all, of our cases deal with high value claims, involving complex financial structures and foreign jurisdictions. Whether there are trust, property or company structures in place, international considerations, off-shore assets or high value pensions, the team is here to assist. We regularly deal with family businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals.

We always strive to reach the best possible outcome for you and keep your own personal priorities at the forefront of our minds.

Different processes suit different people and we have a wealth of experience in solicitor negotiations, mediation, alternative dispute resolution and litigation. Our knowledgeable team, three of whom are fellows of the International Academy of Family lawyers, has a wealth of experience in dealing with complex international cases.

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Make an enquiry Children and custody arrangements

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with complex children cases and are specialists in this field. We deal regularly with disputes over who the children should live with (and where), how much time should be spent with the other parent and where children should be educated.

We also have extensive experience of cases involving: drug and alcohol abuse; mental health issues; cross-jurisdictional elements (including abduction and relocation); and where there are religious or cultural disputes.

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Make an enquiry Schedule 1 cases involving unmarried parents

We are specialists in “Schedule 1” cases involving unmarried parents looking to resolve financial issues between them on separation. This includes applications for provision for housing, monthly support and education. These issues can often be complex and require expert advice as to the provision that is available and how it can be best structured. These cases are very different from the financial provision available on a divorce and need careful guidance.

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Make an enquiry Relocation with children

We offer exceptional legal advice to parents on the relocation of children either in the UK or abroad. This includes advising where one parent wishes to moves away with the children or where one parent is worried that the other will relocate with the children with or without their knowledge and/or consent.

In international cases it is essential to understand any jurisdictional or cross-border considerations. Our knowledgeable team, three of whom are fellows of the International Academy of Family lawyers, have a wealth of experience in dealing with complex international cases.

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Make an enquiry Cohabitation agreements

In the event of a relationship break down, couples who are cohabiting do not have the same financial protection as couples who are married or in civil partnerships. We can advise you whether you are moving in with a partner, concerned about how your finances may be affected by separation, or if your relationship has already ended.

We are experts in advising on and preparing cohabitation agreements, which formalise the arrangements at the outset for what will happen if your relationship ends. These agreements can avoid costly and distressing disputes in the event of your relationship breaking down.

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Make an enquiry Occupation and exclusion orders

We can advise you on all aspects of the law concerning your rights to occupy or regain access to your current home and, if necessary, with regard to the exclusion of your ex-partner. In addition we can, if appropriate, advise on the practicalities of sharing a property with an ex-partner on a temporary basis with or without recourse to the courts.

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Make an enquiry Emergency protective injunctions

Domestic abuse can be physical, verbal or psychological and we have considerable experience in obtaining emergency protective injunctions. These orders can provide protection by, for example, preventing an ex-partner or family member from contacting you or coming to your home. We are also highly experienced in defending injunction proceedings. We offer comprehensive guidance and empathetic support for our clients throughout such proceedings, as we understand that they can be particularly difficult and stressful.

We have wide and varied experience of all aspects of family law where drug or alcohol abuse is alleged. We are able to advise, whether you are the party concerned about such abuse, or facing accusations, on practical and legal implications and remedies. We have particular expertise in dealing with drug and alcohol issues in proceedings involving children.

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Make an enquiry Pre & post nuptial agreements

Although pre and post nuptial contracts are often regarded as unromantic, they play an important role in allowing couples to set out what they would like to happen financially in the unfortunate and, sadly, increasingly common event that their marriage ends in divorce. A common misconception is that they will not be upheld by the English Court as they currently have no statutory recognition (although this may change).

However, the Supreme Court has made it clear that if both parties understand their consequences having received independent legal advice, they are not unfair to one party and they are entered into freely, such agreements will be given considerable weight by the courts when deciding the outcome of financial disputes on divorce. Our team has extensive experience in preparing and advising on such agreements for both domestic and international clients.

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    Divorce FAQs

    The breakdown of a relationship can be an extremely stressful and emotionally traumatic time. You may also be uncertain of the next steps to take when it comes to beginning divorce proceedings. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide some clarity on the process.

    Nuptials FAQs

    Our Family team has put together a list of frequently asked questions around pre and post nups and what the process entails if you are considering entering into a nuptial agreement to provide peace of mind and security.

    Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

    Read about our services for private clients seeking to make a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

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