Ensuring the best outcome for both sides of the table.

The private equity industry is fast paced and intensely competitive with the structuring of transactions becoming increasingly complex. Innovative, practical strategies and a collaborative approach are therefore vital to achieving your investment aims. With at least two sides to each transaction, the best outcome is undoubtedly realised when all parties are aligned on the direction for the business and their plans for a successful exit. Whether you are the investor or dealing with a private equity fund, our team delivers tailored solutions with a commitment to ensuring the best possible outcome for both sides of the table.

Our multi-disciplinary Private equity team has a deep knowledge of the marketplace, a sector focused approach and extensive experience on both sides of transactions. Having worked alongside investors and against many prominent investment funds, we understand that the different parties can often have competing drivers. The company wants to ensure that the obligations attached to the financial investment do not interfere with how the business is run whilst the investors are focused on achieving their projected returns within certain timeframes. Our team has the expertise to balance these drivers, coming up with creative, commercial solutions which fulfil the objectives of all involved.

We understand that deploying capital is always a calculated risk but we are committed to minimising this risk as far as possible. With the understanding that every investment is multifaceted, we will take you through its entire lifecycle and onto eventual exit, striving to add value wherever possible. We build close and enduring relationships with our clients, quickly coming to be seen as valued and trusted advisers.

Amongst other investor clients, we have a worked extensively with one of the UK’s leading privately owned private equity houses on deals totalling in excess of £100 million.

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To what extent are ESG credentials considered when making investment decisions?

To what extent are ESG credentials considered when making investment decisions?

Webinar: ESG & The Private Investor

In this recording of our recent virtual debate we discuss the extent to which the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials of a company or investment are considered when making investment decisions.

Chaired by Collyer Bristow’s Janine Alexander and Ragavan Arunachalam, our panel included experts from PerscitusTamweel Capital and Fidelity.

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Top tips for successful private equity investment

Ragavan Arunachalam provides a detailed overview of how to make a successful private equity investment. If you have been interested in investing in privately owned companies, but have been put off by the less than transparent process, this video will guide you through some of the key issues.

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