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In the extremely difficult and upsetting time following the death of a family member or other loved one, there are many things you have to attend to and consider. Dealing with the legalities should be made as straightforward and stress-free as possible. You need the support of an empathetic adviser who can provide you with clear, pragmatic guidance to ensure that the estate is administered correctly, promptly, tax-efficiently and in a way that fulfils the wishes of the deceased.

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Our Probate solicitors provide practical, tailored advice to families, executors and beneficiaries on the administration of estates after death. This could involve the transfer of assets to future generations or ensuring a family business continues running or is passed to a child or spouse. People’s lives can be complicated and the estates we deal with are often complex, high value and spanning across multiple jurisdictions.

We advise on business, agricultural and heritage property reliefs from inheritance tax and post-death variations, as well as preparing inheritance tax accounts, obtaining grants of probate and negotiating valuations with HMRC. Our team has significant experience in dealing with cross-border succession issues, working with advisers in other jurisdictions to ensure that estates are administered in a coordinated way, obtaining UK grants for foreign people who died owning UK assets, and re-sealing Commonwealth grants and English grants overseas.

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We support our clients with individually tailored legal advice, in areas such as:

  • Estate administration.
  • Wills.
  • Benefactors.
  • Executors.
  • Transfer of assets.
  • Remedying will errors.
  • Deeds of variation.
  • Excluded property trusts.
  • Probate disputes.
  • Acceptance in Lieu.
  • Cross-border estate administration.
  • Inheritance act claims.
  • Valuations.
  • Inheritance tax.
  • Grants of probate.
  • Resealing grants.
  • Succession.
  • High value estates.
  • Complex estate.
  • Inheritance.

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    Deeds of Variation: a case study

    A deed of variation, if completed within two years of the date of death, can “change the narrative” of a will and/or the distribution of an estate generally to put the beneficiaries in a better position.

    Cross-Border Estate Administration: an overview

    Estates with cross-border aspects can present various complexities to be navigated. When such issues arise, personal representatives should pause for thought and take advice rather than simply proceeding as they would with a purely UK-centric estate.

    Inheritance Act Claims: An overview

    If a deceased’s Will fails to make adequate provision for someone who falls within certain categories, the Inheritance Act 1975 may permit them to successfully claim part of the deceased’s estate.

    Valuations of Art: An overview

    When administering an estate, the deceased’s personal possessions can often present challenges, both in terms of the disagreements among family members over sentimental items and valuing unique works of art or antiques.

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