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For individuals with personal and financial connections in both the US and the UK, navigating the interaction between the two regimes on matters of tax, estate planning, trusts and succession can be complex. Individuals may have just avoided the pitfalls of one jurisdiction only to fall foul of the rules in the other. If you are in the position where you have interests across both sides of the pond, it is crucial that you work with advisors with experience in crafting suitable UK advice that is mindful of, and can coexist tax-efficiently with, concurrent US concerns.

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Make an enquiry Professional advice on transatlantic tax and estate issues

Our Private Wealth team includes lawyers who specialise in providing guidance on a range of US/UK cross border matters. Co-ordinating with US advisers where necessary, we are able to provide a tailored and fully integrated estate plan.

The most common questions we are asked and the areas on which we provide advice can be found below.

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Make an enquiry US/UK tax-efficient Wills

We can ensure that assets pass tax-efficiently between spouses and down to the next generation.

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Make an enquiry US living trusts

We can help you understand the likely UK tax consequences of UK residents receiving gifts and inheritances out of such structures and why revocable trusts are often inadvisable from a UK perspective.

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Make an enquiry Pre-arrival planning

We can explain the steps US taxpayers should take before coming to the UK, including how to ensure they can live tax-efficiently in the UK and avoid double taxation.

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Make an enquiry Trusts with US trustees and/or beneficiaries

We can help ensure that any UK tax arising to the trustees and beneficiaries does not clash with any corresponding US tax.

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Make an enquiry Lifetime estate planning

We can help you to structure any lifetime giving to ensure that gifts are tax-efficient in both the US and UK.

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Make an enquiry Ownership of the UK home

We can help US/UK spouses minimise any exposure to US tax on a future sale of the UK home.

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Make an enquiry Inheriting a US estate

We can help UK individuals who inherit US assets, including US land, US stocks and shares, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), US life insurance proceeds policies and others.

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Make an enquiry US/UK philanthropy and charitable giving

We can help create structures to suit the philanthropic needs of charity trustees or donors, and advise on how to make cross-border donations in a tax-efficient manner.

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    UK USA podcast from Collyer Bristow

    Join members of the Collyer Bristow Tax, trusts and estate planning team as they, along with peers and industry experts, discuss the key tax issues relevant to US citizens either based in the UK or who are looking to relocate.

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      “[Collyer Bristow] advises on domestic and international wealth planning and is recognised for [its] extensive expertise in complex structuring with a significant multi-jurisdictional element”

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