There are a number of key policies, procedures and documents your business should keep up to date, to be both legally protected and in preparation for investment or exit. Our CB Checkpoint team will review and report on the efficacy of your documents, policies and procedures across key areas including:

  1. 1.Corporate governance: your constitutional paperwork

  2. 2.Commercial contracts: your agreements with key suppliers and customers

  3. 3.Commercial contracts: your standard terms and conditions and your compliance with data protection and privacy laws

  4. 4.Crisis management: policies & procedures

Optimising your key business documentation, policies & procedures.

Step 1: Download our ‘CB Checkpoint: Overview‘ guide on the right and the detailed analysis you can expect at the completion of our review.

Step 2: If you want more information, you can also download our full version of the ‘CB Checkpoint’ guide. This guide is automatically emailed to, and available for immediate download to those who sign up to our mailing list by completing the form below.

This free highly detailed guide sets out the key areas that any company should be thinking about in order to be legally protected and prepared for investment or exit. Covering considerations across Corporate, Commercial, Crisis Management and Insurance documentation, this guide explains what is needed and why, and how our ‘CB Checkpoint’ service can support you in taking the next step with your business.

What’s next?

You can act upon the information yourself or, if you wish, Collyer Bristow can support you in getting your business compliant and protected.

For more information or to arrange a without obligation scoping call, contact us today.

Download the full version of our 'CB Checkpoint' guide

This free highly detailed guide sets out what is needed and why, and how our ‘CB Checkpoint’ service can support you in taking the next step with your business.

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