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Courts Head sets out next steps in digitisation of family justice



The Court and Tribunal Service (HMCTS) is now entering into ‘phase 2’ of its digital transformation process.

While many lawyers remain cynical about any government-funded IT project within the justice system, and while there are legitimate concerns still to be addressed about access to justice, there is no doubt that Susan Acland-Hood is driving a strong reform agenda designed to bring the court system into the 21st century.

‘Phase 2’ is expected to last 18 months, meaning that by early 2019 we can expect to see uncontested divorces conducted entirely online and, more ambitiously, it is being suggested that uncontested financial settlements could be resolved online as well.

A considerable amount of effort also seems to be aimed at ‘public law’ children cases (considering whether to take children into care) with developments that could eventually be rolled out elsewhere, including a digital document management system that might one day see all courts go entirely paper-free.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this one with interest…>