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With an aging and increasingly wealthy population and the rise of more diverse family structures, disputes over trusts and estates have become more prevalent. You may not have received what you had anticipated from an estate, have concerns about how a trust is being managed or be questioning the validity of a will or gift. Pursuing or defending a claim can be distressing for those involved with the potential for acrimony to arise within families. To support you in navigating these challenging situations, you should be working closely with advisers who can provide you with pragmatic guidance with sensitivity and discretion.

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Our Contentious trusts and probate lawyers advise executors, trustees and beneficiaries, in the UK and internationally, on the action to take when a dispute occurs over the administration of a trust or an estate. No client or set of circumstances is the same so we take the time to gain an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the situation. We can then work with you to develop an individually tailored strategy to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Wherever possible, we aim to achieve early resolution. However, when litigation is unavoidable, we have the expertise to guide you skilfully through the process. Our team prides itself on producing innovative solutions for clients and has the expertise to resolve high value, complex disputes involving multiple jurisdictions.

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We support our clients with individually tailored legal advice, in areas such as:

  • Contesting a will.
  • Inheritance Act claims 1975.
  • Dispute over trusts and estates.
  • Disputes with trustees.
  • Adequate provision for dependents.

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    Inheritance Act Claims : An Overview

    If a deceased’s Will fails to make adequate provision for someone who falls within certain categories, the Inheritance Act 1975 may permit them to successfully claim part of the deceased’s estate.

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