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Supreme Court’s downplaying of the Quincecare duty does not mean banks are off the hook on customer fraud claims

Although the Supreme Court’s decision in Philipp v Barclays has refused to extend the “Quincecare” duty of banks to assist victims of authorised push payment (“APP”) fraud , the new picture which has emerged is not quite the unqualified victory …

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Odey and the FCA: a changing approach to non-financial misconduct?

The Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) has long viewed non-financial misconduct as misconduct that falls within the scope of the regulatory framework. In May 2018, Megan Butler, the then FCA Executive Director of Supervision, gave evidence in the House of Commons …

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Employment and Immigration Expertise for Financial Services

An overview of our Employment and Immigration services within the financial services sector.

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Financial services seminar slides

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ESG credentials key to attracting private investments, with ethical and moral concerns a deciding factor

Read the full report here. Investment decisions based on ESG credentials are driven by investors’ moral and ethical views rather than financial reasons When asked why ESG credentials can make an investment a more attractive proposition , over a third …

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AI regulation in financial services and how the UK diverges from EU rules

AI regulation in the UK There is no AI-specific legislation in the UK. Rather, all UK businesses must take into account various existing legal obligations when developing and using AI, just as they would in adopting any other new technology. …

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Smart legal contracts: The common law can handle them

In a recent report, the Law Commission of England & Wales (Commission) has concluded that our current legal framework is able to facilitate and support the use of “smart legal contracts” without the need for legislative intervention. Distributed ledger technology …

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Financial Services Winter update 2021

Private Equity disputes – Clawing their way back? The post-Covid economic recovery has seen high levels of M & A activity, with private equity firms eager to deploy funds following a muted 2020. Nichola Leach discussed whether this is likely to lead to an …

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ESG and the Private Investor

In this recording of our recent virtual debate we discuss the extent to which the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials of a company or investment are considered when making investment decisions. Chaired by Collyer Bristow’s Janine Alexander and Ragavan …

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Disputes risks for FS firms: ‘greenwashing’ and ESG reporting obligations

Companies are increasingly feeling the pressure of mounting public interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. Financial services firms are no exception and in fact find themselves at the epicentre. ESG concerns are wide-ranging, spanning climate change, diversity and …

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