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5 tips when seeking Private Equity Investment

There is a surplus of Private Equity money chasing too few genuinely good investment prospects. As such, if you are the right company, now is a great time to get the correct financial backing. However, when seeking investment there are …

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Collyer Bristow announces new partnership with BlueSky

We are excited to share an exciting new partnership between ourselves and an entity founded by Hannah Bradshaw and Sarah Lyons in the parental coaching space, called BlueSky. BlueSky is a bespoke new parental coaching offering specifically designed for (and …

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Menopause will not become a protected characteristic

‘Menopause in the Workplace’ report The government has published its response to the ‘Menopause in the Workplace’ report presented by the cross-party Parliamentary Women and Equalities Committee in July 2022. It has accepted some of the Committee’s recommendations, for example …

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Tuesday to Thursday is the new office routine, data suggests

Analysts from and Visitor Insights examined anonymised phone data from more than 500 UK high streets from 2019 to 2022, a period spanning the coronavirus pandemic and multiple national lockdowns. The study found increased activity in many suburban and …

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Looking at 2023 Employment Litigation Trends

In the upcoming year, employers may encounter legal battles related to the standards within their industries. These challenges, brought forth by unions and advocates, will address topics such as the rights of employees, the status of workers, and whistleblowing. Associate …

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Royal Mail cybersecurity incident a reminder of the international reach of the UK GDPR

Royal Mail (part of International Distributions Services Plc)  announced yesterday afternoon that a cybersecurity incident had caused ‘severe disruption’ to its international export services, leaving it incapable of despatching items to destinations outside of the United Kingdom. According to BBC …

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Employers could sue unions under new anti-strike laws

The government is reported to be considering a change in strike laws that would bring in “minimum service level” requirements across six sectors, including health, rail and education. Under the proposed changes, a strike could be deemed unlawful if unions …

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The popularity of funds (Part 2)

Senior Associate Aidan Grant and Billy Matthews of Brown Advisory continue discussing US/UK investment management and in particular some of the opportunities and pitfalls in investing in funds and other collective investments. Run time: 16 minutes

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