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Watching pornographic material in the workplace is a sackable offence

Watching pornography in the workplace would be considered an act of gross misconduct with instant dismissal in most workplaces, says Employment associate Daniel Zona. “Most employers will have workplace policies that explain how IT and communications equipment provided by a …

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Collyer Bristow continues growth with Commercial Litigation Partner hire

Collyer Bristow has appointed David Vaughan as a Partner in the Dispute Resolution department. David joins the firm from Shakespeare Martineau, where he was also Head of the London Office. His appointment at Collyer Bristow is effective as of 3 …

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The 1975 Act: Challenging Circumstances (Part 2)

Part 2 /2 of our latest UK/USA podcast. Aidan Grant is joined by Samara Dutton to discuss how and when beneficiaries bring a claim against an estate for insufficient financial provision. Run time: 25 minutes   View part 1 here. 

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P&O further wage cuts blocked

The legality of this move was questioned widely at the time, and the P&O chief executive admitted to a parliamentary select committee that it breached legislation which required the company to consult on mass redundancies. Now P&O is in the …

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New diversity requirements for senior executives and board members at UK listed companies

Almost all UK and overseas companies which are listed on a regulated market in the UK will be required to ‘comply or explain’ in relation to their adherence to the target measures outlined in the rules. Amongst the key targets …

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Advice for directors in financial services in light of ClientEarth’s threat of legal action against directors of Shell

This threatened claim, which would be one of the first claims seeking to hold a board of directors personally liable for failing to adequately prepare for the net zero transition, will be of particular interest to directors, including those in …

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Does the call for a ‘rapid return’ to in-person office working reflect a wider UK economic trend?

Jacob Rees-Mogg, minister for government efficiency, has called for all civil servants to make a ‘rapid return’ to in-person office working. How far does this call reflect a wider trend across the UK economy? The minister’s comments, according to reports, …

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Criminal sanctions for breaking COVID lockdown rules – employment law update

The Metropolitan Police has today announced that Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, amongst others, have received fixed penalty notices (FPNs) in relation to breaking of Covid-19 lockdown rules by attending a party. It had …

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A debate: Will The Online Safety Bill Make The Internet Safer?

The proposing argument In a nutshell those proposing the motion from Damian Collins MP and Alex Towers, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at BT argued that companies should have liability for their platforms they are making money from in …

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Property Tycoon jailed after refusal to grant Jewish Religious divorce

This denied Ms Moher the freedom to remarry under Jewish law. Although the couple civilly divorced in 2019, a Get can only be granted voluntarily, with a husband’s free will, leaving many women chained to marriages which are over in …

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