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More UK Collective Actions On The Horizon After Forex Ruling

On July 25, in Evans v. Barclays Bank PLC,[1] the Court of Appeal of England and Wales ruled that an opt-out collective proceedings order was the appropriate order, thus allowing the collective proceedings to continue. The decision reversed a March 31, 2022, …

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American Philanthropy (Part 2)

Aidan Grant returns with Joe Crome from the Charities Aid Foundation to discuss charitable giving and how to ensure it remains tax-efficient for US/UK taxpayers. Run time: 19 minutes

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The new FCA consumer duty

From 31 July 2023, the new Consumer Duty applies to all new and existing regulated financial products or services that are open to sale and renewal. This will extend to closed products or services from 31 July 2024. The new …

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Director responsibilities amid Russian asset seizures

A recent example is the unsuccessful action in May in the High Court of Justice of England and Wales by Shell PLC’s minority shareholder ClientEarth against the company’s board of directors for their alleged failure to adequately manage climate-related risks. …

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Employee dismissed for ‘not typing enough’ – what must an employer consider when monitoring its employees?

An Australian employment case made the news recently after an employee had her employment terminated because she was ‘not typing enough’. The employee worked predominately from home and, in order to monitor her as part of a performance improvement plan, …

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Can and should businesses use AI to monitor employees?

The pros and cons of new ways of working – including remote and hybrid arrangements made ever more common since the pandemic – are still hotly debated. But what is evident from Gartner research is that productivity monitoring has doubled since Covid, …

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Unlocking the Potential of the UK: A Comprehensive Guide for High Net Worth Individuals

The United Kingdom, with its centuries-old traditions, dynamic business environment, and world-renowned educational institutions, has always held a distinctive allure for high net worth individuals (HNWIs) around the globe. Whether the goal is to offer their children a top-tier education, …

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Illegal migrant worker crackdown – what do employers need to know?

The minister for immigration, Robert Jenrick, revealed a crackdown on illegal migrant workers yesterday (7 August), which will see fines triple for employers. The government release called the changes – which will also affect landlords – the “biggest shake up” of …

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