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Professor Stephen Hawking’s estate: Acceptance in Lieu in action

The estate of the late Professor Stephen Hawking has reached an agreement with the University Library in Cambridge and the Science Museum Group for Hawking’s archives and the contents of his office  (including not only scientific papers but letters from …

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Amigo sub-prime lender scheme of arrangement rejected by court

The High Court has agreed with the FCA to reject a scheme of arrangement proposed by subprime lender Amigo, on the grounds that the compensation scheme it proposed to deal with complaints of misselling was not fair. This is a …

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Collyer Bristow instructed in HMRC -v- Wilkes : High Income Child Benefit Charge

On Wednesday 26 May 2021, the Upper Tribunal (The Hon. Mrs Justice Falk DBE and Judge Timothy Herrington) will hear HMRC’s appeal in the leading “High Income Child Benefit Charge” (the HICBC) case. The taxpayer assessed to the HICBC is …

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Growth journey’s end – When billionaires divorce

News of Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce only surfaced once a deal had been done and every “i” had been dotted and “t” crossed in their no doubt mammoth and confidential settlement agreement. So the world never got to witness …

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Is Business travel now allowed? Deciphering the latest Covid-19 travel rules

This past week has seen the latest relaxation of restrictions in accordance with the government’s roadmap to normality. This article sets out the new rules and guidance for employers, particularly for business travel to and from England. Can you travel …

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Making a success of UK-US cross-border estate planning

It is said that the US and UK are two countries divided by a common language. When it comes to tax and succession law this often bears out; the fact that both countries use similar terminology (like ‘domicile’, ‘trust’ or …

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Aviation Conversations: Return to the Skies

Collyer Bristow Senior Associate Simon de Broise is joined by Chris Tarry from CTAIRA to discuss the challenges still facing the aviation industry as restrictions start to ease. Running time: 28 mins

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Archegos fallout raises troubling questions over bank risk controls

Questions have been raised as to whether the loss was a result of risk and compliance not doing their job or whether their views were ignored by business heads. Those in charge of the business may have been more attracted …

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First, sack all the IP lawyers.

In an article in the Times the argument is made that the true value and potential of intellectual property rights to the UK economy is…

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Boom in prenups as post-COVID wedding numbers look set to soar

UK Weddings Taskforce, a trade body representing the wedding industry in a report in January 2021 estimates that some 824,000 weddings are planned in 2021 and 2022, following 95% of weddings planned for 2020 postponed following the COVID pandemic.   And says …

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