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Is it illegal for me to pay my handyman in cash?

Is it illegal for me to pay my handyman in cash? Am I breaking the law paying in cash because I am facilitating tax evasion and leaving no paper trail? Would I be liable in any way if he gets …

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UK Court of Appeal widens the door for “opt out” class actions

The Court of Appeal’s judgment in Evans v Barclays [2023] EWCA Civ 876 on 25 July 2023 has given the go ahead for FX manipulation class actions on an “opt out” basis. This paves the way for opt out claims …

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Supreme Court’s downplaying of the Quincecare duty does not mean banks are off the hook on customer fraud claims

Although the Supreme Court’s decision in Philipp v Barclays has refused to extend the “Quincecare” duty of banks to assist victims of authorised push payment (“APP”) fraud , the new picture which has emerged is not quite the unqualified victory …

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Odey and the FCA: a changing approach to non-financial misconduct?

The Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) has long viewed non-financial misconduct as misconduct that falls within the scope of the regulatory framework. In May 2018, Megan Butler, the then FCA Executive Director of Supervision, gave evidence in the House of Commons …

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Citi will hold employees ‘accountable’ for office attendance

Citigroup recently announced that it will start holding employees “accountable” for compliance with its hybrid work model rules. The bank said in its statement that they are committed to a hybrid work model, and that they have firm expectations that …

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American Philanthropy (Part 1)

Senior Associate Aidan Grant is joined by Joe Crome from the Charities Aid Foundation to discuss how to ensure charitable giving is effective and tax-efficient when individuals are both US and UK taxpayers. Run time: 19 minutes

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Obtaining reseal of the grant for a high profile foreign national

We acted for the executors of a high-profile foreign national possessing numerous cross-jurisdiction assets.

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Jury rules document found in Aretha Franklin’s couch is valid will

In Michigan, USA, a two-day hearing in relation to Aretha Franklin’s disputed estate came to an end on Tuesday.  The case serves as a timely reminder to ensure proper drafting and due execution of an individual’s Will, regardless of the …

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British Nationality Bill confirms citizenship of children born to EEA parents

It has long been the case that someone born in the UK to EEA parents between 1 January 1983 and 1 October 2000 could acquire British nationality automatically.  However, earlier this year the Home Office suspended its policy for the …

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What you need to know: directors’ duties

Many directors, busy running their companies in difficult economic times, may regard the question of their duties as a director to be a largely abstract concern to which little attention needs to be paid. However, the breach of those duties …

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