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Defamation expertise

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English court refuses permission to turn over witness statements to FBI

In ACL Netherlands BV & Ors v Lynch & Hussain [2019] EWHC 249 (Ch), the High Court has recently declined a party’s request for permission to disclose witness statements and other documents obtained in the course of ongoing UK proceedings. Such …

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Zero hours contracts in the Construction industry

Casual working arrangements are popular in the construction industry as they allow for flexibility and cost-saving where there may not be a constant need for workers. One example of this is the use of ‘zero-hours contracts’. This is where an …

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The 10 million dollar ‘handshake’

So called ‘gentlemen’s agreements’ are notorious in the art world, with dealers arranging sales of artwork on nothing more than a handshake, but the 2018 de Pury case should serve as a reminder of the importance of getting contracts down on paper. …

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Q&A: My father has left his home to me and my siblings. What will it cost to buy out my siblings?

Stamp duty land tax (SDLT) will most likely be payable if you buy out your siblings’ shares of your father’s property. For example, if the home is worth £1m and your siblings’ shares total £750,000, the liability would be £27,500. …

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Social media should be responsible for libels

AC Grayling’s victory last week in a Twitter libel case has set down a marker to those who think they can attack and insult people online with impunity. Grayling, a renowned philosopher and author, sued Peter North, a former UKIP …

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European Antiques Market Threatened by New Regulation

On 12 March 2019 the European Parliament plenary session adopted its position at first reading of a draft Regulation on the import of cultural goods from outside the EU into the Union.[1] Its President was instructed to forward its position …

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English court denies claim by foreign software giant to enforce US judgment

Background The Claimant (“SAS“) sought to enforce against World Programming Limited (“WPL”) a US$26 million compensatory damages order (“theUS Judgment“) made in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina, Western Division (“the US Court“). SAS was …

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Co-living schemes appeal to all ages

Co-living schemes, with individuals living in small bedrooms but with access to communal kitchens and living space are the answer to the UK’s urban housing crisis, says a report published today by the Social Market Foundation. The report suggests that …

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Court of Appeal decides litigation privilege does not apply in first televised appeal

In the recent case of West Ham v E20 [2018] EWCA Civ 2652 the Court of Appeal held that internal discussions between board members, concerning the settlement of a potential claim, were not covered by litigation privilege. Background A dispute arose between …

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