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Legal Masterclass: essentials to protect you and support your business growth

In collaboration with The Women’s Chapter, members of Collyer Bristow’s legal team will be running a free legal masterclass to learn about the tools available to protect you and your business, and to support its growth. This one-hour intensive masterclass will …

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Purchasing a private jet: The adviser’s perspective

Private aviation for businesses and family offices holds an obvious appeal. However, the purchase of a private business jet is a significant undertaking in more ways than the financial investment required alone. There are significant legal, commercial and technical ramifications …

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Can I create a trust fund for alternative investment profits?

I invest in alternative investments, including watches and jewellery, and am becoming quite successful. I would like to channel the profits into a trust for my two young children. Is this the best way to safeguard the money for them? …

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Selected artists announced for CB’s graduate art award exhibition: Exceptional

Collyer Bristow and curator Rosalind Davis are delighted to announce the selected artists for the 2019 Collyer Bristow Graduate Art Award: Exceptional.  Jackie Berridge, Daisy Billowes, Kim Booker, Lena Brazin, Julie Caves, Fergus Cooper, Theo Ellison, Tom Faber, Nathaniel Faulkner, …

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An Age of Apathy: the new report from Collyer Bristow

Collyer Bristow today publishes the report, ‘An Age of Apathy: Changing the conversation around wills’ which reveals that 68% of adults under the age of 50 with an income of £50k or more in the UK do not have a …

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Lewis Chessman: Ivory rare discovery

An extremely valuable medieval chess piece, one of the five missing Lewis Chessmen, has recently been discovered in drawer by a family in Edinburgh.  The 900 year-old Lewis Chessmen hoard was discovered on the Isle of Lewis in 1831 and …

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Tier 1 visa applications

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Tier 2 visa applications

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Sponsor licence applications

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Tax efficient charitable donations

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