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Are robots writing your will?


Law firm VWV conducted a poll which found that the majority of people asked are wary about the use of artificial intelligence in the preparation of wills, with almost a third of respondents saying that they would not want any artificial involvement at all.

It must be said that, as with many stories, the devil is in the detail. The concept of ‘artificial intelligence’ is one which evokes fantasies of sentient robots when, in all likelihood, the AI being adopted by law firms likely amounts to software which automatically imports information from client identification documents and populates a ready-made template. Hardly Arnold Schwarzenegger.

However, the underlying sentiment behind the story is one which should chime with all solicitors and will drafters. Whether or not a law firm uses modern technology as an aid to its business, all lawyers should ensure that the client experience is one of the most important priorities. Clients value a trusted adviser who can listen to their needs, process what they have learned and work with the client to provide a service that is in-line with the their original needs and expectations.

Here at Collyer Bristow we offer a wider range of services relating to wills and estate planning: from succession planning for nuclear families, to cross-border HNW and UHNW non-domiciliaries. In 2018 we launched our news offering CB Entrust – a fixed price expert approach to writing one of the most significant documents of clients’ lives. As a firm we push for a holistic understanding of clients’ unique requirements and circumstances. CB Entrust assists clients in understanding the intricacies of their lives and ensuring that they are documented and managed in the manner they envisage. An in-depth consultation with a specialist lawyer as opposed to completing a DIY will form gives clients peace of mind knowing that they have had expert advice on inheritance and taxation planning.




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