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Special treatment – how can I get a “quickie divorce” like Billie?



Pretty much every celebrity divorce story talks about their “quickie divorce”, granted in just 50 seconds. How can it be that celebrities can fast-track their way through the process when everyone else has to slog it out for months or years?

Fortunately, at Collyer Bristow we’re used to doing divorces for the rich and the famous, so we know all the tricks to get you on that fast train to separation, oh yes we can!


And there could end the sales pitch, except unlike the Mail we’re not here to wow or mislead you. Today, we’re myth-busting. Oh yes.

And the reality is this: the “quickie” process is the standard procedure used in all undefended cases, which make up 98% of divorces.


So pretty much anyone you know who is divorced had a quickie divorce. Not so superstar after all. In fact, the only time you don’t get to have a quickie divorce is when the respondent disputes the divorce (or the evidence relied on in support). That is almost never a fight worth having.

So chin up if you’re getting divorced – it turns out you’re probably getting the Billie Piper service after all!