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Private equity/post M&A disputes

Often involving complex, cross-border issues, our team has a great deal of experience in resolving the full range of post-M&A disputes.

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How working from home became a factor in private equity M&A

One of the many legacies of the COVID-19 pandemic is the fact that it supercharged the acceleration of many companies towards hybrid working practices. Many companies had no option but to embrace the “new normal” of trying to do business …

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Is your next transaction a matter of national security?

The potential for UK Government intervention in matters of national security is nothing new, nevertheless, the National Security & Investment Act 2021 (NSI Act) which came into force in January 2022 has fundamentally changed when such interventions can occur. Compared …

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5 tips when seeking Private Equity Investment

There is a surplus of Private Equity money chasing too few genuinely good investment prospects. As such, if you are the right company, now is a great time to get the correct financial backing. However, when seeking investment there are …

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Private equity’s embrace of ESG

Valentina Falicheva analyses why private equity houses are increasingly considering ESG factors when making investment decisions and writes about the latest trends in the climate tech investments in a recent article with Environmental Finance. She also considers the importance of …

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The importance of resisting the lure of a standardised approach to ESG-reporting

As governments set their own environmental goals, companies follow suit with ambitious and headline-grabbing targets for achieving, among other things, net-zero emissions. But what are companies actually required to do in terms of reporting climate targets? And why should they …

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The impact of the FCA climate-related disclosure rules on funds and investors

The FCA has been considering the implementation of new climate-related disclosure rules for asset managers and some other FCA-regulated firms. Valentina Falicheva, an associate in our Corporate and Commercial team discusses the proposals, what the new rules mean in practice …

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Financial Services Winter update 2021

Private Equity disputes – Clawing their way back? The post-Covid economic recovery has seen high levels of M & A activity, with private equity firms eager to deploy funds following a muted 2020. Nichola Leach discussed whether this is likely to lead to an …

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How can I help my children buy a house?

The Bank of Mum and Dad supported more than half of first-time buyers under the age of 35 in 2020 and is the sixth largest lender in the UK. The average amount provided by the Bank of Mum and Dad …

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When the subsidies move out, private equity moves in

Governments are running out of money. There is no magic money tree, and it is obvious that soon the support that has been provided to prop up struggling businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic will start to taper away. Businesses that …

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