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Visa & Paypal announce changes supporting cryptocurrency transactions

There have been two very important announcements in the digital assets space made over the past 24 hours: Firstly, owing to increasing demand from consumers, Visa will soon allow transactions to be settled in the cryptocurrency USD Coin (USDC). Traditionally, …

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The NFT revolution in the covid-era

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been around for a while, but in the Covid-era as more cultural experiences are migrating online, we are now seeing a far greater take-up amongst ordinary consumers. In simple terms, an NFT represents provable ownership rights …

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Digital assets, analogue regulation?

In this webinar our panel discusses the various regulatory issues and challenges faced by those operating in the digital assets and blockchain space, including: The approach of the UK regulators, including the implications of Brexit The FCA ban on crypto-derivatives …

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